Mirador de Comas

In short

Upgrading Mirador de Comas with a large tourist destination at the top of the hill, and improving the current housing and living conditions of the people living on the hill by making them part of a tourist destination.


This initiative is not just a cosmetic change, but also economic, cultural, and coexistence. Therefore, our overall objective is to turn this place into an example for all Peru, where there is no discrimination, whether by race, sex, age, religion or place of origin. Free of violence and crime, where respect for others is a fundamental rule. A clean and pleasant place to live. An environment in which we care for and protect. Because it depends on the success of this company, our welfare and that of our neighbors.

The Area: Fortaleza Hill

Peruvian District of Comas district is the fourth most populous Peru and one of the 43 that make up the Lima Province, Department of Lima. It is located in the north of metropolitan Lima, about 15 kilometres from downtown Lima. Its altitude varies from 150-811 meters above sea level so it is at a higher altitude than other districts of Lima. It limits the north with District of Carabayllo, east to the San Juan de Lurigancho, the south with the District of Independence and the west with District of Los Olivos and the District of Puente Piedra. It has a population of about 650.000 habitantes, and the area in which we will operate is to the south, bordering the City of Independence. This environment has 8 settlements and a neighbourhood, with more than 1,000 families.

TARGET 1 Creating a monumental point of tourist interest with the largest flag of Peru

The first objective is to ensure that national and international tourists visit the place. For this we create a landmark for domestic tourists, visiting the largest flag of Peru. But this is not all; we also have breathtaking views of Lima, arriving from San Juan de Lurigancho. to Stone Bridge, from Comas and Callao. An extraordinary place to visit. If in addition to this, we offer the Museum of Comas and a good restaurant, we can offer all tourists a trip to remember. Lima has very little places for a romantic or business dinner with these breathtaking views.
This would not be possible if we let the rest of the Hill remain a messy, invaded and precarious housing and access place. It is so we can link the development of the area with tourism promotion, and also convert the lowlands in a place of interest to visit.

TARGET 1a Creating a museum of the Comas area with two restaurants

Comas District has a population of over 650,000 citizens, which in Europe would be the ten largest of any country. The Comena culture, despite being a young district of just 50 years, has a very important cultural and historical
legacy. Cultural because being a district whose population comes from emigration, people in all departments of Peru, so the cultural richness is unquestionable meet. In the historical aspect, it has ycimientos of pre-Inca
archaeological cultures, from the time of the Incas, a colonial past with Spanish haciendas, and an extensive modern and contemporary history. HOWEVER it has no museum. Instituting a museum would be attractive enough to be visited by numerous schoolchildren.

If we show the history of Comas in the Museum, another feature of the Peruvian culture it is its cuisine, for it will create two restaurants, one of them for more exclusive public and the other more economical. Where you
can sample the full range of possibilities that Peruvian food, from the most elaborate to the simplest. In addition we will have a picnic area where visitors can sit and eat at what they have themselves brought, and enjoy the views.

TARGET 1b Creating a point of tourist interest with an impressive view over Lima, with souvenir shop

The other important goal is to make products that are manufactured inka-to-market area, for it will offer visitors a store to buy souvenirs and crafts, visiting the place. This will give a major boost in job creation for residents of the Hill. Thus, not only the reeds may be financed, but also generate a local industry, facilitating the maintenance cost of the work performed. It will also be an income through taxes to the municipality itself. Generate value chain is our goal. Finally in this first goal, focused on the building that supports the flag,we have the natural appeal of the situation. Cerro Fortaleza is a highpoint 250 meters d alt6ura where most of Lima currency, and evenboats Callao. An excellent place to place coin-operated telescopes, thus generating extra income, which will delight all those who visit us especiall children.

Target 2 Creating a forest area

We start from an arid terrain, and poor soil. We choose tree species that can adapt very well, with special emphasis on native species in the area. As discussed below we will nourish the soil with humus, generated from organic waste from.the waste generated by residents.

The same we do with the water to be purified wastewater. This place will become an area for walking and camping, which in addition to being a beautiful look on to the environment, will be a refuge for animal species in the area. After some time it  could become a place of study for naturalists and students.

Target 3 Transforming the streets

The design that has been raised in this project is global, it is not limited to the upper parts, but the whole set of streets and houses, to turn it into a monumental set. Not by their architecture but because we want to become a
huge garden, where beauty is the primary factor.

We will facilitate access of neighbours to give importance to what we have yet to give, which is the lining of the facades. If we get this goal, we are sure it will become an icon of Lima, in a place that will show tourists the transcendence and the contrast with the rest of the city.

Creating this also depends on the support and enthusiasm of the neighbours for this project.

Target 4 Faccilitate access to residential housing: economical, dignified, organic, earthquakeproof and sustainable

This along with access is the change that’s going to get to the heart of all the neighbours who come to live in a beautiful designed house that is also comfortable and pleasant. This is the biggest dream of all the people involved in this project.

It will also be a salutary lesson for the rest of hundreds of settlements that exist in Lima, really being a role model. Because they are not only beautiful houses,
but also economically affordable, isolated thermally and environmentally friendly, sustainable, and strong enough for seismic activity.

A place where they see their happy children grow without risk of accidents and in a very special  environment.

arget 5 Creating fascinating access

The access is not only an urgent need for the villagers, but also a reason to make them a magnificent spectacle. One of these ways up will take more than 1,500 steps, and will be one of the longest in the world. Hopefully also one of the most beautiful steps.

As a reason to make it more pleasurable for tourists to scroll through the small streets residents can create shops and businesses, increasing the appeal to be visited.

We will also create small corners of rest, making the arduous climb pleasant and more easy.

All ladders converge at the top that will lead to the last ramp to the Flag Monument.



To make this project a success, besides the aesthetic and functional component must also have the fundamental premise of human development, especially for women and young people, not just so they can afford their home, but also because the improvement in the quality of life that will tner with this environment will do that can have a prosperous future. Most women and men have to go to work over long distances sometimes more than two hours commuting back what adding the return, they lost almost five hours each day, which affects not only the family life, neglect of children, but also in the expectations of life.

A job training and development of their capabilities, coupled with the arrival of prospects will improve this situation, and especially women will have economic independence, but also confidence that their effort is actually compensated.

Target 6 Job creation and entrepreneurship especially for women and young people

To make this project a success, besides the aesthetic and functional component must also have the fundamental premise of human development, especially for women and young people, not just so they can afford their home, but also because the improvement in the quality of life that will tner with this environment will do that can have a prosperous future. Most women and men have to go to work over long distances sometimes more than two hours commuting back what adding the return, they lost almost five hours each day, which affects not only the family life, neglect of children, but also in the expectations of life.

A job training and development of their capabilities, coupled with the arrival of prospects will improve this situation, and especially women will have economic independence, but also confidence that their effort is actually compensated.

Target 7 A totally organic place with zero waste

As a complement to the above objectives, we not only make this place visually attractive, but also take care of the waste, both solid and liquid. If we want to create a project that is an example for Peru, to solve this problem is crucial.
Therefore, the place is totally organic, ie, all waste is recycled, separating at
source. And as for organic waste we create small treatment plants, lombriceras, which will provide us with the necessary fertilizer for the soil.
As for wastewater, our idea is to install sewage treatment plants, so that purified water is intended for irrigation of gardens and plants. This will contain advanced irrigation, to be able to re-use every drop of water.

Target 8 Creating a space for culture and arts

And finally it definitely targets crown, is that the place is not only to walk and admire, if so would lack an important incentive that would not only place a center of interest, but also developing. And to create a space of Culture and Arts on the outside, build a Park Auditorium, and use the streets as a space for artistic expression.
Giving option also for visual artists to develop their talents and receive an economic benefit, decorating stairs and areas specially designed for it.



Constructing Solutions

Constructing solutions for problems within the human settlements in the district of Coma – Lima – Peru.

Walls and stairs

The needs for walls, piles and stairs would exceed 40,000.
This number is non-cumulative for Public Institutions, and for neighbors,
With the addition in costs of studies of soil, technical files etc …
If you work with the traditional system, with an average cost of 400 thousand soles per unit of wall, which is completely unaffordable for the people in the Comas.

Our initiative is using the rocks and sand that the mountain is made of for a new alternative and environmental friendly construction method. This construction puts the rocks in special metal frames.


* Economic. We do not have to buy raw materials (stones) we have them in the place.
Unqualified labor with communal work.
Average price m3 of traditional wall (S. / 500/700)
Average price m3 of wall with gabions (S /. 40/75)
You do not need soil studies.
* Insurance. No foundation required (total resistance to earthquakes of any magnitude)
In ravines, it retains the huaicos and slows down the speed of the water)
* Beautiful. It allows any height and you can design aesthetically beautiful shapes.
* Terraces. It allows to expand land creating terraces for crops and parks.
* Cultivable. It allows to recover the investment and generates employment and economic activity.

Our latest developments

We are working on our concept as a model of development not only for North Lima But for the whole of Peru.
For that we have the great interest of our neighbouring municipalities. An agreement is being developed between the Municipality and the University Agraria de La Molina


We have the support of international companies like:
PVT – Tudela Navarra Spain
Procac Bekaert


Our needs are:
Mesh for gabions
Materials for greenhouses and hydroponic crops.
Advice and training for residents.


Share a light!

Young girl xiomara is studying under the light. Thanks to the entire team we improved her life by simply adding light. Now she doesn’t have to sit next to a candle again. It almost burned their house a while ago. We have found small, affordable and reliable solar panels that are strong enough to power lights in a house for an entire night.

Thank you  Julio Cesar Hilarion Valeriano, Rose Mary Boomgaarden, Gerson Ortiz, Manuel Ninapaytan, Elita Grández Ventura and others who made this possible.

We continue to add solar panels to other houses. As much as we can.

One solar panel costs €50,- which is a relatively small amount to improve the lives of so many people, especially kids.

Workshop School

What is Workshop School?

The program design is simple. It is based on the complementarity of program occupational training leading to the certificate of professionalism, with a plan for employment of social interest, directly related to the acquired specialty training.

Thus, a student who completes the stage of schooling, over two years in a training workshop will be acquired training in masonry for example, that allows access to work a certain level of complexity in the work, but and here is the most relevant, the experience acquired in a specific project, to be executed and for which resources are allocated, on a property usually public.

Huaca FEC 12

Through this sequence, students can observe how the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired are direct to the actual practice of translation work and production, creating a positive dynamic in the process of continuous learning.

How are the programs of the Workshop School?

In these programs, each participant acquires professional and practical training work

by performing works or public utility or social interest related to new employment, facilitating their subsequent employment both employed and by creating business projects or social economy, since, simultaneously with the formation and work experience, guidance and counseling and professional and business information provided.

Huaca FEC 10

These mixed employment and training programs, describe two scenarios of development of learning: The classrooms and works. The first are training places where the content of the different materials that make up the theory of the workshop is taught.

In them, the knowledge that later developed in the different actions and deeds of the program is acquired. Classroom training modules for technical drawing, technology, occupational risk prevention, introduction to new technologies, Middle environmental awareness, guidance and labor information, training and business management, gender and equal opportunities and computer literacy are taught.

Project Duration

The expected duration is two full years, with three weeks of vacation distributed throughout each year. After the construction of the tourist town, begins a new Workshop School but with the specialty of Hospitality, interning with real customers in the place built.

Students will be granted a scholarship for travel expenses and will receive free all you need for the development of their learning, and safety clothing.

Students who have passed proficiency and knowledge of the subjects taught them with a certificate of qualification.

Huaca FEC 01


Tierra Peruana

Regardless of where the child lives, their dream is to visit the most amazing theme parks in the world. While there are many children who are lucky enough to get to experience these life-changing parks, more children who can not.
Our idea is to create a theme park in which all children, regardless of their socio-economic status, can claim to be an astronaut, biologist, explorer, geographer, astronomer and archaeologist at the same time get to experience many cultures of the world. At the end of the day they leave the park thinking that all people are both alike and different, and these similarities and differences are what form the incredible adventure of humanity.

Independientemente del lugar donde vive el niño, su sueño es visitar los parques temáticos más increíbles del mundo. Mientras que hay muchos niños que tienen la suerte de llegar a experimentar estos parques que cambian la vida, hay más niños que no pueden.
Nuestra idea es crear un parque temático en el que todos los niños, independientemente de su situación socio-económica, puedan pretender ser un astronauta, biólogo, explorador, geógrafo, astrónomo y arqueólogo, al mismo tiempo llegar a experimentar muchas culturas del Mundo. Al final del día, ellos dejarían el Parque pensando que todas las personas son a la vez iguales y diferentes, y esas similitudes y las diferencias son lo que forma la increíble aventura de la humanidad.

TP Gate 08 TP Gate 05

Adventures of Humanity Resort

Adventures of Humanity – Lima

Kids United Nations:
UNKIDS Conference Hall
Guest rooms
World Expo:
North America…..?
Education Center
Road Safety Center
Career and Job Center
School of Performance arts (music, dance, circus…)
Museums and experiences:
Archaeology and Palaeontology Center
Space Explorer (Science Museum)
Snow Globe
Aviation Museum
Maritime Museum
Rainforest Safari
Journey into the Mines Experience
Water Park
Water Play Areas (multiple!)
Theme Park
Playgrounds (multiple!)
Sporting Areas:
Peruvian Heritage Center
Youth hostel
Tribes Center
Camps Center
Camps Outdoor Area
Community Hall (small)
Event Hall (large)
Outdoor Stages
Multimedia Stage (holograms)
Main Restaurant
Themed Restaurants
Fastfood places
Traditional foods taste areas
Shopping Center
Back of House:
Employees resting and food areas
Empoyees entrance and changing areas
Management offices


 0101(1)  2014-11-07 20.19.09


Resembling the United Nations, this is a place where representatives of children from all over the world will meet and discuss children’s issues and their future. This building will be designed with similar lines but more child-like and bright colour panels and flags will be leaves of the tree of life.

UN 008  UN 012

Una reproducción de  las Naciones Unidas, este es un lugar donde los representantes de los niños de todo el mundo se reunirán y debatirán cuestiones de la infancia y su futuro. Este edificio se ha diseñado con líneas similares pero más paneles de colores como un niño y brillantes y las banderas serán hojas del árbol de la vida.


Through the Expo, the children of the participating countries have a platform for bringing their culture and initiatives in allocated themed areas. Through innovation and artistry, they will demonstrate their vision of a world they desire. Participating countries will have pavilions as illustrated.

Expo 010 Expo 014


The buildings will be colourful blocks of various shapes and sizes – the idea of giant children’s building blocks.

Mining 006 Shoppingmall02


• Kids can learn basic skills

• Not only kids: training for parents as well

• A computer room with internet connection

• TV room for educational programs and documentaries

• A library area

• Smaller, more intimate rooms for better focus and private tuition

Huaca FEC 11 Huaca FEC 12



Learning the History, the Culture and its People

 Maya 05Maya 11

Children will have the opportunity to experience first-hand – the land

they live in and how it impacts the world, instilling a sense of pride,

appreciation and belonging.

•Visit the wildlife of the Amazon rainforest

• Learning the art of Peruvian craft-making

• Learning Peruvian dances, songs and musical instruments

• Its rich history and pioneers

• Ancient monuments and world heritage sites according to UNESCO

• The ocean and how we connect with it – visits to fishing villages, understanding boats and how they are built and life cycles in the ocean

• Understanding the meaning of being ECO and ORGANIC and the food we eat


Children will learn how to :

• Perform excavations and do archeological research

• Draw, photograph and catalog findings for museum purposes

• Preserve and display bones, treasure and fragile discoveries

• Learning about the tools and how to use them



The buildings will be colourful blocks of various shapes and sizes – the idea of giant children’s building blocks.

Expo 005 Expo 003

Los edificios serán bloques de colores de diferentes formas y tamaños – la idea general de grandes bloques de juegos de construcción de los niños.


Children will learn how to :

• Perform excavations and do archeological research

• Draw, photograph and catalog findings for museum purposes

• Preserve and display bones, treasure and fragile discoveries

• Learning about the tools and how to use them

Exhibit 03 Exhibit 01


On-site and Off-site camps will be organised for different age groups of children. They will have the opportunity to experience living off the land, growing crops, fishing and basic cooking. They will learn how to identify edible plants in the jungle and herbs as natural medicine.

They will learn how other tribes and nomads in the world live, their differences and similarities, examples such as :

• the native indians of north America

• the eskimos of Greenland

• the african tribes of the Kalahari

• amazonian tribes

• the ibans of east Malaysia

• the hulis tribe of Papua New Guinea

• researching tribes which have no contact with the outside world

Camps will be organised for local children as well as international children coming from abroad to experience the City of Dreams.



In our driving and road safety school, our young visitors will learn how to drive safely on the road, understand the laws, wearing seat belts and other safety gear, helmets and other protection for bikes riders.

• understanding speed limits

• driving within a lane

• keeping safe distances

• courtesy and giving way

• care of pedestrians on the road

• care of bicycle and motor bike riders

• role play as driver and traffic police

• how to cross the road safely

• understanding traffic signals and lights

• zebra crossings


• Career guidance counsellors will assist kids in finding their passion and help them set goals in life

• A place where companies can advertise for jobs and training programs

• Institutions for Higher Learning can organise seminars and talks on career paths

• Older kids can train at the various outlets in the ‘City of Dreams’ itself


• State-of-the-Art Theatre for the performing arts

• Entertainment for kids and families

• Local and International performances


• All purpose hall for events and parties

• Can be also used for school performances

• Can be used as a training facility for dance and other disciplines

• Available for rent for private functions, weddings and celebrations

Huaca FEC 19 Huaca 07



• Children will learn how to play musical instruments

• Traditional as well as international and street dancing

• Speech and Drama classes and the basics of acting

• Singing and voice training classes



An example of the World’s First multimedia dining attraction with live animation

Un ejemplo de primera atracción Mundial comedor multimedia con animación en directo


• Themed in Inca style

• Has an enclosed and covered outside area

• Traditional foods and also a taste of the world

• Must be affordable

• On special days, kids eat free

Huaca 12


A Special-Effect Immersive Experience taking you on an extraordinary voyage into the universe. Learn about the planets, meet strange aliens, drive remote-controlled moon rovers and step into a space capsule.

Un efecto especial experiencia de inmersión que le llevará en un viaje extraordinario por el universo. Más información sobre los planetas, conocer extraños Criaturas, conducir vehículos de exploración de la luna a control remoto y entrar en una cápsula espacial.

space-explorer-01 space-explorer-31


Experience first hand the wonders of snow and ice and get your first experience in snow sports.

In the snow themed restaurant with panoramic views over the slope you will find a cool’ menu combined with traditional favourites and delicious alpine dishes.

It’s also a great place to come and enjoy live snow sports on the big screen, and you don’t have to go in the snow to enjoy the Ski hut.

ice-karting-levi imperial-ice-bar snow-world-star-city


Artefacts and planes that tell kids their stories immersing them into their history.


Exhibits will be replicas or life size so kids can truly experience nautical adventures  and how the oceans were conquered.


intriguing stories while we play !!


• a journey through the jungle withering encounters

• butterfly aviary

butterflies and insects of the rainforest

• jungle playground

a unique playground packed with activities and education

• dinner theatre restaurant

a wide array of international cuisine and live performances

•pods for entertainment and educational workshops


Upon entering our water park, guests are transported into a wet world of magical  adventure and mystery.

The water park will feature:

• multiple slides

• activity pools

• a lazy river

• a water play area for little visitors

• tubes, tubs, toys and more !!


A spectacular adventure into a Peruvian gold mine where kids watch how miners work and the art of gold mining. It’s educational and very exciting too!

Mining 008Mining 012

 THEME PARK – Adventure World

The City of Dreams theme park will be packed with great rides and attractions catered to the whole family and uniquely for Peru.

Find yourself in the middle of amazing stories and true pioneer adventures.

A wonderful way to spend the day

Drop Tower 03Rendering13


Playground 006Playground 002




Advanced and Beginner areas; Children Skate – Roller Scaters Park; Children’s Playground


Seating; Undercover areas; Water fountains throughout the park; Lighting / Sound & PA System; Outdoor multi-screen; Kiosk / Social Area (Internet Cafe); Retail Outlet; Wifi throughout the park


Group or individual coaching; Workshops during the holidays; Mentor for skateboards; Tournaments / Demos; Social events; Skating / riding teams; Competitions (district /national / international)


• Areas for playing and relaxing or taking a walk

• Area for community festivals

• Area for picnics

• Shops with local products are especially nice for tourists

• Kiosks for a quick drink and snack

• Great for display of advertising space for added income

Wonder 37 Wonder 20