Team and Contact Info

Our team:

Adolfo  Luque Muriel. (General Manager and Project Developer – Lima Peru)
Email: and
Websites: and
Bozena Szyperek (Financial Management – Egypt)
Erik Visser (Technical management – Holland)
Skype: magicevi
Jesus Luque (Technology – Spain)
Website: (restricted access) and
David Bakas (Masterplanner / Project Manager – the US)
Currently Disney CEO
Exequel Biazon (Visual Expert – the Philippines)
Santos Ríos López. (First Vice-President – Lima Peru)
Martha Aguilar Salinas. (Second Vice-President – Lima Peru)
Sara Maribel Pacheco Palacios. Lima Perú (Secretary and CEO)


* Sara Maribel Pacheco Palacios. Lima Perú. (Management Engineer)
* Patricia Riley. California USA (President of Riley’s Productions)
* Bozena Szyperek . El Cairo Egipt. ( Diplomatic)
* Nelly Niyonzima. New York USA. (C.E.O. Founder The Conected Hearts Inc.)
* Esther Croes. Netherlands Antilles. (Businesswoman)
* Beesan Hamid. Palestine. (Investor)
* Olayinka Adeleke. Lagos Nigeria (Businesswoman)
* Teófila Josefina Damián Valderrama. Lima Perú. (Businesswoman)
* Maria Teresa Cebrián. Cádiz Spain. (Degree in Art History)
* Sheikha M.A Al Eman. Kuwait. (Businesswoman)
* Cármen Molina Mellado. Córdoba Spain. (Fashion Designer)

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