Workshop School

What is Workshop School?

The program design is simple. It is based on the complementarity of program occupational training leading to the certificate of professionalism, with a plan for employment of social interest, directly related to the acquired specialty training.

Thus, a student who completes the stage of schooling, over two years in a training workshop will be acquired training in masonry for example, that allows access to work a certain level of complexity in the work, but and here is the most relevant, the experience acquired in a specific project, to be executed and for which resources are allocated, on a property usually public.

Huaca FEC 12

Through this sequence, students can observe how the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired are direct to the actual practice of translation work and production, creating a positive dynamic in the process of continuous learning.

How are the programs of the Workshop School?

In these programs, each participant acquires professional and practical training work

by performing works or public utility or social interest related to new employment, facilitating their subsequent employment both employed and by creating business projects or social economy, since, simultaneously with the formation and work experience, guidance and counseling and professional and business information provided.

Huaca FEC 10

These mixed employment and training programs, describe two scenarios of development of learning: The classrooms and works. The first are training places where the content of the different materials that make up the theory of the workshop is taught.

In them, the knowledge that later developed in the different actions and deeds of the program is acquired. Classroom training modules for technical drawing, technology, occupational risk prevention, introduction to new technologies, Middle environmental awareness, guidance and labor information, training and business management, gender and equal opportunities and computer literacy are taught.

Project Duration

The expected duration is two full years, with three weeks of vacation distributed throughout each year. After the construction of the tourist town, begins a new Workshop School but with the specialty of Hospitality, interning with real customers in the place built.

Students will be granted a scholarship for travel expenses and will receive free all you need for the development of their learning, and safety clothing.

Students who have passed proficiency and knowledge of the subjects taught them with a certificate of qualification.

Huaca FEC 01


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