Constructing Solutions

Constructing solutions for problems within the human settlements in the district of Coma – Lima – Peru.

Walls and stairs

The needs for walls, piles and stairs would exceed 40,000.
This number is non-cumulative for Public Institutions, and for neighbors,
With the addition in costs of studies of soil, technical files etc …
If you work with the traditional system, with an average cost of 400 thousand soles per unit of wall, which is completely unaffordable for the people in the Comas.

Our initiative is using the rocks and sand that the mountain is made of for a new alternative and environmental friendly construction method. This construction puts the rocks in special metal frames.


* Economic. We do not have to buy raw materials (stones) we have them in the place.
Unqualified labor with communal work.
Average price m3 of traditional wall (S. / 500/700)
Average price m3 of wall with gabions (S /. 40/75)
You do not need soil studies.
* Insurance. No foundation required (total resistance to earthquakes of any magnitude)
In ravines, it retains the huaicos and slows down the speed of the water)
* Beautiful. It allows any height and you can design aesthetically beautiful shapes.
* Terraces. It allows to expand land creating terraces for crops and parks.
* Cultivable. It allows to recover the investment and generates employment and economic activity.

Our latest developments

We are working on our concept as a model of development not only for North Lima But for the whole of Peru.
For that we have the great interest of our neighbouring municipalities. An agreement is being developed between the Municipality and the University Agraria de La Molina


We have the support of international companies like:
PVT – Tudela Navarra Spain
Procac Bekaert


Our needs are:
Mesh for gabions
Materials for greenhouses and hydroponic crops.
Advice and training for residents.


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