About the foundation

This website is about dreams. The dreams of two million million children of Lima, and of thousands of women of the Comas district and of the neighborhood Collique;  slum neighbourhoods where life is difficult, hard, with enormous lacks of basic needs, but with enormously alive, young and hopeful people who we want to give a proper future.

In these days many proposals will have been realized and there will have been many initiatives, all very important ones and for highly qualified persons, for persons much compromised with the challenges of the new world, with the situation of the women and with those of the children, all for the purpose of advancing it was doing a more just and more free World.

We dream that all the children could realise their dreams, that they can be what they want to be. Unfortunately in their current lives they can’t even see or sense even the tiniest bit of their dreams because of their  poor social or cultural circumstances and for the economics and politics in which they are immersed and is not giving them any help. Without projects like ours all these millions of people don’t get any chance for improving their lives.

These lacks in the infancy are really the root of the problem: because the worst thing that one can take him from a child and from a girl, the possibility of dreaming is. A child or a girl who has not dreamed, it has not been and has a lot of more possibilities of entering its youth in circles of crime, of maltreatment the others, of drug, of marginality, of prostitution. Then we blame others for this situation when each and everyone of us we are responsible for it, because when a child or a girl is born, it grows and lives in a marginal and socioeconomically depressed ambience it has very few or no space to dream, something that in other societies is a little so simple and simple.

And even between the most disadvantaged persons unfortunately exist classes. And although, the infancy is the most unprotected sector of a society, the girls are, simply for the fact of being girls most harmed of any social group. On the girls there relapse big doses of violence and of abuses, both, on the part of its families and for members foreign to this one; if it is that it has been allowed them to have school access to education, when they come to the adolescence there are the first ones in leaving it, well for precocious maternities as for not wished compound marriages. And whose direct consequence is that without a suitable educational formation the woman is exposed to the economic dependence of a father or of a husband.

For all this, our dream is connected to the women’s status and in narrow relation to the Targets Of The Millenium (ODM-2015). But because we need to break this vicious circle we want to go of the hand of these targets and it is our dream to act in three direct ways:

  1. the first one, bringing over, extending and reinforcing the education of all the children and girls;
  2. the second one, contributing the necessary means so much so that this education could become strong as to facilitate the development and the proper evolution of every child and girl;
  3. and the third way of attacking them, allow me to leave it by the end.

How we want to achieve is, that is what you can find on the pages of this website.

Help us change the world of so many people who will be so thankful for finally just getting a chance… An oportunity for a better live with things that we simply take for granted.

A hug – Adolfo


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